Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SYBIL DANNING - Saint Xman of the Valkyrie

Sybil Danning as St. Xman of the Valkyrie
in the 1980 super CAMP Classic

"Battle Beyond the Stars" 
that made fun of all space movies and was ultra campy with 
John Boy Walton as the star.

Sybil was a space warrior queen who sacrificed herself to save the planet.
Her motto "Live Fast, Die Well, And Have A Beautiful Ending!"
She said "if you don't know what I mean by a beautiful ending,
then you've never seen a Valkyrie go down".

Her ship exploded in galactic fireworks display, taking out three evil ships.
Battle Beyond The Stars is a Space Satire that makes fun of every other space movie
in a Magnificent Seven from outer space framework.
The Trailers on youtube suck, they all paint it as serious when its a joke movie.
Sybil was in many other movies, but this was my favorite.

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