Sunday, October 2, 2011


My friend Charlie Nixon a coworker at Wang told me this True Story:

His daughter was about three years old and was out back playing in their sandbox.
She came indoors, all happy and yummily chewing on something.

Charlie said, "Whatcha got?".
She said "Tootsie Roll!  TOOTSIE ROLL!!!"  MMmm yumm mm
busily chewing, she had a dark little log in one hand and brown all around her mouth
and was swallowing it, really enjoying it.

Charlie said, "Where'd you get that?" starting to pay attention. (he had lots of kids)
"Outside!"  mm mm mm

He realized in horror she was in the sand box and he SLAPPED the thing
out of her tiny hand and yelled "No! NO! Bad! BAD!!! Cat Poopie! -
Not Tootsie Roll - CAT POOPIE!  BAD! BAD!"

"Cat... Poopie?" she tentatively quavered.  She looked at her hand, smile gone.

"CAT POOPIE??!!" She wailed, face screwing up into agony as her dad began
to clean out her mouth and face and hand.  "Waaaaahhhhh WAAAAHHHHH!"

She went from happy poop munching to uncontrollable sobs in two seconds.
Perception is everything.  You can choose to be happy, or sad.

Copyright 2011 VROUK

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