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This information is provided for entertainment purposes only, it is not medical advice.
Some people believe that spots on your feet are connected to other parts and organs and systems of your body, and that by stimulating these points with pressure or massage, you can effect other parts of the body.  Get a good book or read up on the Internet about Reflexology and Acupressure before trying it, or there are professionals you can hire to do it in most communities.  This is a routine to help stimulate bowels to produce a movement.

Okay, using this map, here is how to do a Reflexology Poop Massage: Using trigger point massage, gently start stimulating at the anus point, on the arch of the left foot bottom, then follow the path of poop backward, along the sigmoid colon, stimulating gently as you go, toward the outside of left foot sole, then follow up the descending colon, upward along left sole's outside edge, then follow stimulating across the transverse colon to the arch of the left foot, then switch to the right sole where the transverse colon continues, to the outer edge of the right sole, then stimulate down the path of ascending colon down the outside of the right sole, stopping at the entry to the small intestine point.  I use the tip of my thumb to lightly press inward against the sole of the foot, not too hard! Don't hurt your patient.  Ask them how much pressure is too much.  By stimulating the reflex points backwards along the path of the bowels from the anus backwards, you are stimulating "peristaltic waves" to start moving the poo downwards.  The whole thing only takes a couple minutes, and if it's going to help, it will produce some moving within a few hours.

Only do it once every couple hours. It stimulates the peristaltic waves of the bowel muscles to start moving downwards. Like a suppository but without the chemical. If you become very good at this, and get to know your patient, you can "feel" with your finger tip pressure "where" poop is in the bowels just through your touching the foot bottom points. If the poop is hard, solid, soft or gas it has a different feeling reflected in the foot sole. You can even predict how much total poop volume there will be if you get to know your person very well, and when you go back to check, you can tell if the poop is moving, and if there is a "plug" hung up in the sigmoid "S" curved colon, just up out of reach of the anus.  This can be very useful if you are caring for a paralyzed patient and you sometimes have to remove fecal matter digitally.

This is very useful on someone irregular but doesn't want laxative or is desperate. I learned it out of acupressure and reflexology books and years of practice.  Always get the permission of your actual medical doctor before performing any type of massage like this on anyone else or yourself!!!  I am not responsible for results, do at your own risk, again only with permission of your medical doctor.  Or use a reflexology professional.

If you are laughing at the idea, have you ever had sciatica pain?  Where the nerves in your back get pinched, ones that go through your pelvis and down the inside of your legs?  The pain is in your legs, but the problem causing it is in your spine.  There are many examples where the location of the pain or problem is not the location of the original issue.  Ask your doctor.  There are also Reflexology for the Ear and the Hand.    Mommies have been massaging babies abdomens/tummies for thousands of years in a question mark pattern to get them to poop or move gas pockets downwards.  It's all relative.

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***Update Mar.28 2012   I have seen elsewhere on the internet a description of foot reflexology poop massage that gives INCORRECT information, that could be very harmful.  This wrong web site tells you to trigger the massage points clockwise, from the point where the intestine empties to the colon - toward the anus.  DON'T DO THAT!  Do it the way I described above, START at the Anus point, and work counterclockwise up the sigmoid colon, then the descending colon, then the transverse colon then the ascending colon and FINISH at the appendix/small intestine.  Here is WHY:  Imagine you have a Chef's Pastry Icing Bag and you want to squeeze the bag to make the icing come out the tip. (anus)  Now imagine that the icing in the tip has hardened or dried up somewhat and normal pressure at the top of the bag does not move the icing out. (constipation/plug in sigmoid colon or rectum)  You would not start squeezing hard at the top of the bag moving downward or the bag will bulge outward, stretch and when the plug won't yield, the bag will BURST!  The smart and logical thing to do is start squeezing at the very tip, where the plug is, to get the icing moving down there first, so it can start moving toward the exit hole, then keep squeezing backward, up the pastry bag from tip toward the top.  That way by the time you reach the top, things are moving downward and outward without creating a tremendous back pressure on the colons.  This is why you start your trigger points massage at the anus reflex point, and work backward slowly up the colons, to avoid creating too much pressure in the colon.  OK, I just felt I should explain WHY you do it "backwards" so people would not think I made a typo or something.  And as always, you should always ask your doctor before doing things like this and get their OK.  Good Luck.   I am curious too if anyone has had any success? Because this page has been viewed dozens of times now from all around the world, yet not a single person has posted a comment.  
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