Saturday, October 1, 2011


One of my favorite bits from the old TV Satire MARY HARTMAN! MARY HARTMAN!, there had been a supreme tragedy that put everyone in the family in major danger and bad changes and everyone was panicking, and Mary Hartman raised her voice and said "Alright! Alright! Calm Down!  Everything's gonna be All Right!  And afterward, We're All Gonna Go To The House of Pancakes!"  (I always change it to International House of Pancakes)  Trust Mary to understand that there is not much wrong in this world that a warm pancake can't fix.  (my own saying)

BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES - Does anyone know of a restaurant where they still serve Buckwheat Pancakes? I used to love them! I was a short order cook at a restaurant chain that disappeared called Sambo's, (the character in the child's book was from India, he was not black, so I never understood the upset over the name)  and they had killer buckwheat pancakes.

I love the chocolate chip pancakes with chips and whipped cream and chocolate batter at IHOP, and their regular buttermilk pancakes. I like Belgian Waffles if really thick and crispy and with crushed strawberries and whipping cream on top, and or blueberries. Fresh fruit please. What kind of pancakes do you like? Corn? Crepes? Bananas inside? Where can you get the best selection and kinds?

I had an Apple Brown Betty size of a deep skillet in Renton WA. I had a killer Dutch Baby in Stamford CT. The Brass Top restaurant on the KC Plaza used to have killer Belgian Waffles with bacon and ham cooked inside. Love potato pancakes with applesauce. I used to cook airy light buttermilk pancakes for Indep. Policemen.  I even like McDonald's hotcakes if made just right and warm and wiggly.  Mmmm.  The secret was to whip the shoot out of the batter just before pouring.  My mother used to make pancakes with Bisquick and sliced banana and walnut pieces inside.  Her big griddle would have these tiny little drops of batter around the edge size of a dime and I'd beg her to turn them and give them to me as teeny pancakes.  Do you make good pancakes? 

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