Thursday, June 21, 2012

Names of the Week Days in English

I'm starting to create stuff again, I'm still recovering from Mom's passing, but I'll try to
keep up with making new Weird stuff for the Blog.  K?  K.  So here we go, these are the origins of the names of the Days of the Week used in English.  Three are from the Romans and older people's, and four are from Norse mythology with an Angle twist.

Sunday is from the Latin for Sun's Day
Monday is from the Latin for Moon's Day
Tuesday is an evolution of Tyr's Day, Tyr was a Norse God, Fearsome one handed Warrior.
Wednesday is from Woden's Day (Odin) Norse God, One Eyed King of the Gods
Thursday is from Thor's Day, Norse God of Thunder and War has hammer Mjolnir.
Friday is from Freya's Day, Norse Goddess of Art and Beauty.
Saturday is from Saturn's Day, Roman God, Father of the Gods and Goddesses, God of Agriculture and the Harvest.

English also gets the names of the Planets mostly from Latin/Romans, and the names of
the Months have quite a few Roman references.
So now you know why we spell Wed-nes-day in that funny way, it's a corruption/change
from Woden/Odin, Wodeneses Day, Wodneses Day, Wodnes' Day, Wednesday.
Every language as it gets older "contracts", shrinks words and runs them together.