Friday, October 7, 2011


The National Airline History Musuem in Kansas City, right next to downtown at the Municipal Airport, is well worth planning a visit to.  One of their latest acquisitions is a Lockheed TriStar L-1011 Widebody Jetliner.  I have fond memories of flying in such a behemoth of the air, so big!  Seemed bigger inside even than a 747!  They have other craft and an extensive collection of items.  Better plan on a full day or two.  VROUK APPROVED!
The L1011 was a Wonderland it was so huge. Width of a football field. There were like three seats then aisle then six seats then aisle then twelves seats then aisle then repeat. FA's could push a button and suck whole people into the ceiling. There was a mysterious basement. They held 672 plus crew. I think there were 34 bathrooms in the back in semicircles. Everyone was allowed four seats so you could lay down. The only drawback was it was too far away to see one of the twelve movie screens. :-) At least they seem that big in my memory now.  (to read the real stats click the L1011 link above)

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