Friday, October 14, 2011

BEAN With BACON Sandwich

Once again, one of my mom's delicious lunch on a shoestring sandwiches! She'd take Campbell's Bean with Bacon condensed soup in a can, NOT an off brand they don't taste the same, and using a knife - spread it about a half inch or inch thick on white bread. That's it! You just use it like sandwich spread. It is DELICIOUS this way. Doesn't really need any other ingredients. It's cheap, easy, transports well, super quick to make. I've eaten these my whole life. Don't let the unused bean w/bacon sit out in open for long, it will dry and get crusty. If you don't use a whole can, scoop the rest out into a ziploc to keep moist and fresh and refrigerate. Great cold too. I like it with squishy white sandwich bread, but not if the bread is dry. Always keep the smaller cans on hand in your pantry, so if you have saltines or white bread, you've got a meal.  If you must put something else on it, try cucumber slices.

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