Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DJO - DayJobOrchestra - Nose Spray Funny!

DayJobOrchestra on YouTube - Star Trek I'm A Big Chocolate Slut
I Have a New Funny Source!  Millions already enjoy their filthy, soda spray out your nose, pee yourself, hilarious potty mouth apple juice filled videos on YouTube, but of course I just now stumbled across them by accident while looking for videos of the Blue Thunder helicopter.  (have no idea why such a search led to them, thank the random interweb juju)

They have a YouTube channel with over a hundred hilarious videos, although I must confess the ST:TNG related are my favorites now.  DayJobOrchestra Web Site.
I highly recommend you set aside a few hours to watch all of their videos, some multiple times, and be ready to expel bodily fluids uncontrollably from all orifices.  Not kidding.
Their humor is filthy, dirty dirty language, XXX Rated, so NOT Suitable for Work!!!
Also not suitable for children!  I was super bummed when I found them, so I thank them profusely for making me laugh so hard.  I really really needed that!  VROUK APPROVED!

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