Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TWO LOVERS Gorgeous Sitar Music

From the Ali Akbar Khan album Garden of Dreams
A beautiful sitar music piece, my favorite for evocative emotion, very elegaic and poignant.
I believe Ali Akbar may be the son of Ravi Shankar.

If you've never heard this piece you are in for a treat!  Starts slow, but let it build, and remember it takes over thirty years to learn how to play the sitar like this.


May He Poop On My Knee?  A hilarious "fake translation" of a Benny Lava hindi music video by BugBen, subtitling in English what the hindi words "sound like" instead of the actual translation.  The Bollywood song/video kicks ass too!  HILARIOUS!  GROOVY!
I especially enjoy the mustard bottle, cracks me up every time, and the coke can.
NSFW (not suitable for work).

By the way, the star is Miss India who won Miss Universe, she must be one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Her original video is on YouTube also.



This is one of the strangest videos ever, therefore falls squarely into our GROOVY category of FUN videos.  VROUK Approved!
Both YOU and YOUR KIDS can dance yourself Silly to this Video!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Ardwellian Chronicles - Dennis Young

I'd like to draw attention to an exciting series of fantasy novels called 
"The Ardwellian Chronicles" by author Dennis Young.
You can check out his blog via the above link.
Besides the stories being gripping, fascinating page turners set in a rich and vast fantasy universe, peopled with gritty, real, totally believable characters, it's fun that you can follow Dennis progress as he continues to write the ongoing novels in the series.

By "Liking" his FaceBook page: (click link)

Also, follow him on TWITTER.COM  
 I highly recommend you order his books from Amazon or ask for them at your local book store.   Dennis is also very accessible and provides many ways to contact him through his web sites.  

It's really cool to follow the creative process and get a peek into how a successful author spends their time, the nuts and bolts of writing.  I used to read "how to" books for being a "writer" but they never spelled out what an author actually did hour for hour day for day.  Now, you can finally follow that process through Dennis.
VROUK Approved.