Friday, October 14, 2011


Mom's recipe for a delicious, light summer sandwich and very inexpensive. When she'd tackle the long drives down to the country to see her folks, she'd have some potted meat and shasta sodas in the trunk, stop at a farmers stand and buy some cukes, maters and onions. Then she'd stop at one of those wide spots with a green picnic table and trash can, and fix us these sandwiches and we'd share a can of soda. LOVED IT!
Personally I prefer the Libby's brand of "Potted Meat Food Product", I just think it tastes best. The Armour is too salty, and other brands too fatty. It's mostly beef tripe, which is cow stomach lining and intestines, and mechanically seperated chicken. Spread a very thin amount on cheap white sandwich bread or your favorite bread, cover in cucumber slices. The two tastes are great counterpoints, the sweetness and crunch of cucumbers, the salt and vinegar tang of the potted meat.  It comes in tiny cans because the flavor goes a long way.  If you've never heard of "mechanically seperated chicken", basically the chicken factories waste nothing.  After they have cut all usable pieces of meat off chicken bones, they pass all the bones into a huge machine.  It's full of whirling twirling metal blades with thousands of teeny razor sharp teeth.  As the bones pass through, the teeny razor teeth "scrape" or "mechanically seperate" the last bit of chicken goo, slime, gristle, sinew, microscopic traces of meat etc off the bones and leave them dry.   The bones go to another factory to be made into lots of things you eat, and the scraped off chicken goo slime and micro bits is used to make things like potted meat, and baloney and hot dogs and vienna sausage and chicken mcnuggets. (it's forced into molds then flash frozen).  OK?  So it's technically a chicken product, and don't turn up your nose, cause if you've ever boiled chicken, made chicken stock, sucked on chicken bones, you've eaten this stuff anyway.

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