Saturday, October 15, 2011


Leila's Hair Museum - The Only Hair Museum in the United States and possibly the World.  Come to Independence Missouri USA and see hundreds of old examples of Hair Art such as Hair Wreaths and jewelry containing hair or made from hair, many from before 1900.  Leila even gives hair wreath classes, Phyllis Diller sent a wreath of her hair, and the Victorian Hair Society meets there and has videos available of hair/flower designs.  It's extremely unique and a top tourist destination for those who love Weirdness.  VROUK Approved WACK! 

This brings me to a favorite subject of mine, long Hippie Hair from the late sixties early seventies, also referred to as a Freak Flag.  Letting your "Freak Flag Fly" meant letting your long defiant hippie hair fly in the wind, upsetting the man.  I'm sharing two videos on the suject, the Cowsills Hair which was extremely popular - with some modern kids hilarious uptake on what hippies must have been like,  it's so bad it's good!   And the other is my favorite rock song about hair by Crosby Stills Nash and Young fresh from Woodstock.  In Almost Cut My Hair they talk about considering cutting it, but deciding not to, because it just might annoy someone somewhere!  Cool, hunh?  If you turn the volume up loud before you start the video, you can hear Crosby getting ready to cut loose on his fancy guitar work saying "I will Now Entangle... the entire... area!"  Meaning letting his freak flag fly through his guitar and his hair until all around him are ensnared in it.   Dig It.

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