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At least half of these I have heard out of the mouths of my relatives, and the rest from other citizens of the down in the country persuasion.  I love the homespun sayings from "down in the hills" and am pleased to share it with you.  Enjoy! 

I've got a catch in my getalong
well I'll be dipped in gook   
I'll snatch you bald headed! 
cattycorner   on diagonally opposite corners
cattywompus   something out of kilter, twisted, gone wrong, bent out of shape  
out of kilter  not quite right 
Jesus H. Christ  
your mouth looks like a chickens ass in pokeberry time  
fixin or afixin to go
i aim to go to town
crick for creek
shore for sure
oral for oil  
worsh for wash
be there directly
fetch this or that
take a gander at  
that there bird
gully washer  
hankerin for
lives in the holler
go down in the hills and yell (name) and they come runnin
what parts do you'all come from?
looking peaked
plumb worn out
for a spell
that smarts   
Miz-zur-ree  (at least in our family)
crack the door open
just a smidge or smidgen
lower than a snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut
dag nabbit!
dang near killed me   
liked to kill me   
reckon something will happen
had a falling out
all you'all
its a grocery sack not a bag
colder than a witches tit in a brass brassiere
wet your whistle   
tickled me (made me happy) 
mess of potatoes
bless your heart   
sit a spell
come and give me some sugar 
....I'm just sayin
book larnin   
i need to get with john about that
how ya doin? fair ta middlin. 
be there in two shakes   
God willing and the creekdont rise   
cut me a switch from the tree   
you'll be in a heap of trouble
dad gum it
bless his little pea pickin heart
raining cats and dogs    
i nearly fell over
cuttin up in class
as old as the hills and twice as dusty
old as dirt   
dont mind if I do
oh pshaw! (like I dont believe it, get outta here)
cuttin a kido (driving like a maniac)  
I'll fix your wagon!  
lolly gaggin   
hide nor hair of you  
in a coon's age
well, what's your hurry?
come back when you can stay longer
glad you got to see me
borry instead of borrow
watch your mouth
don't be tellin tales
fixins for a recipe
I might can do that
these here parts
round these parts
don't go off half cocked 
close the door, you think we live in a barn?
were you raised in a barn?
closing the barn door after the horses got out 
I gathered as much, I figured as much  
yessirree bob
a right fur piece
a right good bit ago
he took out a runnin
come back thisaway, go back over thataway
rootin thru this mess  
sop it up with a biscuit  
it's lerrrpin! (extra special good)
well don't that beat all
bright eyed & bushy tailed  
feeling feisty  
feeling puny  
stick to your ribs  
that'll put hair on your chest 
i could eat a horse 
rode hard and put away wet
sweatin like a pig  
i'm passin out  
makin a mountain out of a mole hill
not worth a hill a beans 
you are even stupider than you look
happier than a pig in shit
cow pissin on a flat rock 
talkin out of your hat
madder than an old wet hen
fart in a whirlwind
as busy as a one armed paper hanger
like a one legged man in an ass kickin contest
shoot fire and save matches
I'll wup the tar out of you
dont trust him any farther than I can throw him
dont you never mind aabout that or them
talkin up a storm  
nekkid as a jaybird
short as the day is long
mind your p's and q's  
plum tuckered out  
for cryin out loud 
what in tarnation?
filling station  
slick as snot  
like shit thru a goose
as useless as tits on a boar hog
eatin high on the hog  
get off your high horse
too big for your britches  
chester drawers  
not worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell
somethin awful
gettin on my last nerve
tickled my funny bone
you get my drift
like a bull in a china shop 
you ain't got no gumption  
gol durn it
give em an inch and they take a mile
as the crow flies  
i'll be there directly
like nobodies business 
I'm stuffed  
I'm all blowed up (like a hop toad)
I'm all stove up
I aim to do that tomorrow
all torn up
you'd best not 
I'm bound and determined 
i got burnt out on trying to please him
on the contrary
get your cotton picken self over here
drove a country mile
didnt trust him worth a darn
up at the crack of dawn  
zero dark thirty
up before the chickens  
went ahead and did it  
you just egged him on and on 
the daughter sure favors her mother
no more of your foolishness
tom foolery
don't fret now
she can't hardly get about anymore 
I am plumb wore out
I am give out
my tired is tired  
I hear tell she's gettin married
three sheets to the wind 
gonna have a hissy fit  
hold your horses  
we're hurtin for money
he cant hold a job, let alone support his family
let it rolloff like water off a ducks back
like greased lightning
he lit out of here
he made out like he didnt see us  
pretty please with sugar and honey on it? 
you mind what I said
I'd be much obliged
I got nary a one
no count good for nothin  
wait on you hand and foot 
no way, no how  
it shouldnt hurt you none
I'm not about to go over there 
I ought to 
pay him no mind 
peeled out
petered out  
all you do is pick at me  
you're piddling around when you should be studying 
look at that piddlin little thing  
lets play like we won the lottery
playin possum  
we'll be there plenty early  
I plumb forgot about it
we're going to put out some flower bulbs 
I'll make you rue the day you were born  
don't rightly know about that
run this over to grannies house
he ran his mouth
dont back talk me!
dont sass me
smack dab in the middle
she's around here somewheres
sorry excuse for
put a stob in it to mark it
little whipstitch
took leave of her senses
shes always taking up for him
I Thanky
i'll have some of them there apples
they give me the heebie jeebies!
he came down with a cold
took sick
turn it loose before it bites you
he used to could dance up a storm
baby's cryin, I reckon she wants up
tan your hide
gonna wear out your hide
it's a long ways from here
they wore me out
she's a worry wart
i done did that
look up under the bed
mickey mouse contraption
where is my wallet? it's right cheer!
it's in my pocket book
hike up your drawers
bloomers is showin
lands sakes
sakes alive
heavens to betsy
glom onto something
I dont recollect
hot damn
give a good god damn
holy shit, holy crap
well doggies
yee haw
con sarn it
cough it up!
get a roundtuit
doin the cypherin
let me tote it up
well I be

all hell broke loose
it was assholes and elbows
yer darn tootin
ass backwards
toot your own horn
shut your mouth, shut my mouth
laid up
not gonna take it layin down
my toofies or teefies hurt
my legs are killin me
I liked to died
this here
all riled up
piss ants
smells bad enough to knocka buzzard off a shit wagon
dumber than a box of rocks
dumber than dirt
not a happy camper
ugly enough to scare the children
don't bad mouth him
his chickens came home to roost
your mighty fetchin in that dress
are you wearin stink pretty?
foolin around
ah got a good notion to
ain't got a grain of sense, speck of sense
dead as a doornail
he cant hold a job, let alone support his family
those pants need to be let out
we dont have time to clean so give it a lick and a promise
nekkid as a jaybird
dont make no nevermind to me
ain't she the purtiest thing you ever seen?
preachin to the choir
come in the house, raht now! this instant!
dont carry on like that
oh my gosh you'd think I killed your dog!
give me a hollar
pitch dark
the wee hours
lemme see
I suppose
mindin my own business
knee high to a grasshopper
built like a brick shithouse
well slap me silly and call me lucille!

than all get out
bust out laughing
good gravy!  or just  Gravy!
good grief!
what the hell is the matter with you?
are you sick in the head?
thats just crazy talk
miss goody two shoes
and how!
white man speak with forked tongue
indian giver!
look at that yahoo!
are you puttinme on?  is this a put on?
pull the wool over my eyes
i may be old but im not dead yet
cant cut the mustard, but can still lick the jar
hell yeah!
hell no!
give me a break
do I look stupid?
yella belly
yep, yeppers, yepindeedy
your skatin on thin ice!
your neck of the woods
give you a shout
you'll figger it out
they think they are so high and mighty!
take you down a peg or two
johnny come lately
smooth talker

Copyright 2011 VROUK

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