Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dirty Pair - Japanese Anime' Series
The opening song of the show is called Russian Roulette and is a very catchy stick in your mind theme song.  I like the animated opening, which changed over time, but also the long version of the song.  I first got into Dirty Pair when a penpal of mine in Osaka Japan traded me a video of the first Dirty Pair movie for a copy of what was then third season of ST:TNG which they got a year delayed.  She also sent me Gundam and other Anime, and of course her fanzine which was all in Japanese.  She also turned me on to Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, a beautiful evocative anime' movie.
I recommend if you've never watched anime, start with the Dirty Pair, they are two James Bondish playgirls who take on assignements for the Three W - A, WWWA, (which I think is a play on sounding like TWA), they love to shoot and destroy things.

You can get a good idea of Japanese sense of humor from these, which is quite different than ours, and if you watch enough anime' with and without English, you really do start to understand Japanese culture.  Research them yourself, there are tons of things now on the Internet.

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