Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Alice Deejay -The Lonely One
This particular version of the video is kind of squished horizontally, but I like it that way because it makes the three dancers that comprise Alice Deejay look taller and thinner during their main dance sequence.  I LOVE the dance routine the three of them do in this video, so much I'd marry all three of them just because of that dance!  It's so sad the group is scattered to the wind, if I were rich I'd pay to reassemble them and have them come dance that dance in Vegas nightly!  :)  Alice Deejay was an interesting creation at the turn of the century, you should research them on Google and Youtube and read all about how they were formed, their career and where are they now.  Two more songs I like below.  
Back in My Life

Better Off Alone - Lorya Bootleg AWESOME VERSION!
More incredibly yummy dancing by the threesome.
These three songs are from the album Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

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