Friday, October 14, 2011

Mark CHOPPER Read - Heath Franklin - Ronnie Johns TV

"Chopper" plays at being an air stewardess    WACK!! NSFW  VROUK Approved! 
 From Wikipedia: "
A fictionalised version of Read was featured in several sketches on The Ronnie Johns Half Hour. Some of these sketches, such as "Harden The Fuck Up!". Read was portrayed by Heath Franklin. Read has said although the parody isn't totally accurate, he finds it funny" Australian famous criminal and author Mark Read "Chopper" played by Heath Franklin in a series of skits for The Ronnie Johns Half Hour TV Show in Australia.

Harden the Fuck Up!
The List

French Lessons
First Aid
christmas story
Airport Security
Workplace Safety
New Age Medicine
Driving Instructor
Driving School
Interactive Board Game
Job Interview
At The Gym
Health Retreat
Auctioneer Chopperbie's
Chopper Ringtones
Dead Shits
Squash Lesson


Mini Chopper
Childrens TV
Chop Vader
OK, These are not fuckin ALL the fuckin Chopper/fuckin/Ronnie Johns fuckin clips on you fuckin tube, but fuckin alot of the funniest fuckin ones, right?

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