Monday, October 3, 2011


Follow that link to a Mythbusters blog, scroll down to last post on page 3 where it mentions a Klingon dining next to Buzz Aldrin. That Klingon was me! The con chairman had asked me to attend the banquet in full costume, when I arrived he sat me at the head table, right NEXT to Buzz Aldrin!  Yes, one of the first two US Astronauts to set foot on the Moon.  The food was already served, so I could skip the 50 bucks, or eat in costume. I was mortified, but I went ahead. I believe Buzz thought I was nuts, but the attendees sure got a kick out of it. This was Omacon X in 1990.

Yes, I had my full latex bumphead appliance, spirit gummed goatee, sunglasses, even gloves with knuckle claws.  I was sweating so much, it was dripping off my fu manchu moustache tips.  I made a lame excuse that I was "crying over the Great Peace".  In retrospect, I should have excused myself and at least removed the wig and head appliance and gauntlets.  But I figured my host had wanted me that way and I was his guest so "the show must go on."

To the great credit of Mr. Aldrin, he never said anything disparaging within my hearing.  The only reaction I detected was eye widening when I was introduced and seated as Thought Admiral Qij'Wi epetai Khemara of the Klingon Defense Force.  He had impeccable table manners and was very nice.  I guess it's hard to get a rise out of someone who's wrestled a lunar lander out of the jaws of possible disaster during landing at Tranquility Base.     Copyright 2011 VROUK
Buzz Aldrin

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