Thursday, October 20, 2011


Pink Floyd - Pow R Toc H
From the first album
Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967

I was ten years old, thought I was pretty cool.  Was really into hippie stuff.  Saved my money and bought this weird weird record with psychodelic colors all over it and a totally weird title, by a group I had heard the name of from "hip" visitors we'd had from California.  They were 12 and smoked and cussed a blue streak and could sing all the Beatle songs.  So of course when I saw this "Pink Floyd"  *giggle*
album in Woolworths, I surreptiously bought it, hid it on the top shelf of my closet because I knew if my mom saw it I'd get a huge lecture about that "hippie crap".  So I'd sneak it out and listen when no one else was at home.  I thought this song was So Weird! and thought the band must not be very good, except the other instrumental, Interstellar Overdrive had a cool name because I devoured Science Fiction books.   Well, I kept it for five or six years.  In the meantime I got into increasingly harder rock, heavy rock etc.  I started buying all the Black Sabbath albums from the first one.  Mountain. Moody Blues. Deep Purple. I sold the Piper album at a garage sale for a nickel.  

I didn't get back into Pink Floyd until Animals.  
See what you think of this early unusual Pink Floyd.  
I still laugh to myself when I think of the title of the album.
So sixties.  So hippie.  So deep.
Or was it just marketing?

Copyright 2011 Lyle Van Sciver

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