Monday, October 31, 2011

Pierre Pascual - Sous Les Sycomores

Pierre Pascual - Sous Les Sycomores (Integral Music Video)
Pierre Pascual - Sous Les Sycomores (Integral Music Video)
(almost twenty minutes)
Released on Sept. 30 2010
Directed by Mick Bulle
Artistic Direction : Pierre Pascual
With : Pierre Pascual, Aurore Tome', Thierry Chollet-Berger, Henriette Coulouvrat, Angela Transbury, Rebecca Johnson James, Servane Varnese, Stanislas Briche, Anne Laure Séguette, Elsa Bontempelli & Nathanael Agasvari.  Pierre Pascual own web site.  Facebook Page
High quality on Vimeo :

Strong artistic statement.
HyperReality slicing visceral spiritual vignettes
and morsels of 'elan and ennui.
Psychic manifestations of the subconcious,
In the style of Fellini/Jung post Neorealism.
Beautifully conceived and executed.
Music whispers Depeche Mode, The Cure,
Kraftwerk, Devo, Bauhaus, but is unique & ethereal.     VROUK Approved.

(Viewing tip: if you're having trouble with the looong run time, try viewing it first time through with no sound, then second time add the sound.  This forces you to absorb the rich visual train first - uncomplicated by the emotive evocation of the soundtrack.)

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