Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Was The Voice in the JACK in the BOX CLOWN

I worked graveyard shift senior year of high school, ten pm to 6 am, then to school. Always tired, did I do homework? Hah! Fell asleep during graduation practice.

I was locked in at the first Jack in the Box in Independence, on Noland Road, by myself. Only the drive thru was open while I cleaned the whole store, and served the after bar crowd.  Drunk people are really hungry, but they all think they are hilarous to give the Clown some grief, and getting their order could be quite a challenge, especially if they fell asleep at the Clown.

Breakfast Jacks, Jumbo Jacks, Super Taco's, I had to make the full menu while trying to clean the deep fryers and grill and floors etc., restock, windows, all of it.   If the bar rush was heavy, and the early early risers were heavy, and the morning shift were late and didn't get there at six, sometimes I'd be worked to a frazzle and was late for school.  That was the first drive through window on Noland Road. 

Yes... I was the voice of the Clown head in the drive thru at 3am being cursed out by drunks. *sigh* The thing I disliked most was the in-store satellite musak repeated every hour, all night long, the same one hour of songs. 8 replays of elevator instrumental of Bohemian Rhapsody, and then, here comes that dam Muskrat Love again. Argh!!!

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