Friday, October 14, 2011


Diva Avari and Samy K  F'n Bitch!
Don't Go by Yaz - Starting Rock feat. Diva Avari
Yazoo - Don't Go 12" Club Mix
(original song I used to play in clubs in 80's)

Diva Avari (also known as Avari Firiel) is a House Diva vocalist originally from Boston but now residing in Paris France.  Her main two video hits were several years ago with a cover of Yaz Don't Go with an AWESOME video and Fuckin Bitch!, again with an AWESOME video!  I wish she would produce more because she is one unique fierce Diva with a wonderful voice when she trains it.  Sadly, health problems seem to be derailing her performances.  Get Well Soon, Diva!

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