Friday, December 30, 2011

Yazima Beauty Salon - JPOP Drag Queen SuperGroup!

NIHON NO MIKATA - Nebada Kara Kimashita, translated as
Friends of Japan - We Come From Nevada

Yazima Beauty Salon - Japanese Drag Queen SuperGroup!
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This hilarious and superbly polished musical act is one of the
best Drag performances I've ever witnessed.  They don't
conceal their male features, but revel in them for laughs, but
they never break character and every nuanced move is right on
the money in these full blown music video productions.

They seem to be dying down now, but I've become a big fan,
listening to their hits over and over.  It's not hard to see why
they are much requested in the Karaoke parlors of Japan.

In a nutshell, mother Margaret, along with daughters Naomi and
Strawberry Yazima are supposedly working at their Yazima
Beauty Salon in Las Vegas, where they are "discovered" and
brought to Japan by DJ Ozma (who is also Naomi in drag). 

They then take the country by storm with their fabulous musical
performances.  They made a movie to cash in on their
popularity.  Even if they fade out, their handful of wonderful
music videos will always have a place as classics.  Well worth
your time to watch them all, they grow on you.  If you want to
learn more about them, there are plenty of things on the
internet about them.

I've done all the hard work for you and put links to all their top music videos, the movie trailer and one publicity show shared with another group.
translated as Common Orient Clam Bomber
SAKURA - Haru o Utawa Nevada
translated as Cherry Blossom - A Nevada Spring Song
IDOL Mitai ni Utawasete
translated as Let Me Sing Like An Idol
 featuring Princess Seiko (Seiko Matsuda )
MEGAMI no Chikara
The Power of Megami (Goddess) Disco Style
THE MOVIE TRAILER - Yazima Beauty Salon
THSK on TBS Meets Yajima Beauty Salon (English Subbed)

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