Thursday, December 29, 2011

HigashiMurayama Japan Sister City Independence MO USA

  Sister City to Independence, Missouri, U.S.A.
Independence MO has a sister city HigashiMurayama Japan, a suburban town outside Tokyo, about 150K population. For 28 years there has been a student exchange, but the 29 was cancelled due to the Earthquake/Tsunami. If you go to their site, click English in upper right corner, then choose English again, and you will get "pigeon" on the fly translation of their web pages. They come every year to maintain a Japanese Garden they built on the back corner of the Indep. City Hall, very pretty. We apparently don't go there and do anything, except send some students. They have a totally wrong info page about Indep. buried deep in their site. I wish I could visit there and tell them all about our area and history. They have a Chinese sister city and they do tremendous things with them all the time.   I sent a nice letter of friendship to Mayor Watanabe, but he did not answer me.

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