Friday, December 30, 2011

World Famous Pontani Sisters GoGoRobics Burlesque

The World Famous Pontani Sisters

Their Stage Show has appeared several times on Conan O'Brian.
Go Go Robics
Go Go Dancing on Band Gigs

Angie Pontani welcomes you to the web site of the World Famous Pontani Sisters.

Paraphrases from the home page:
Named the Number One New Burlesque Act on Earth by AOL.
Glamour Gospel Queens bringing the sass of old Burlesque back.
"Everything they do is dipped in Glamour" from shimmying and shaking
in fringe to twirling golden lassos dressed in rhinestone cowgirl costumes.
They have over 40 on stage routines.

I first saw the World Famous Pontani Sisters Go Go Dancing on Stage with the Neanderthals on the Ghoul a Go Go show.  I was mesmerized by their superb Go Go dancing skills and became an instant fan.  I started looking for them on the net and found them EVERYWHERE!  How had I missed them all these years?  I don't know, but I'm glad I found them, and you will be too.  Look them up, you'll fall in love with their artistry.

VROUK APPROVED and GROOVY!  Love You Pontani Sisters!

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