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Ozark Hillbilly Depression Food

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My Mother and her parents used to eat these foods during the Great Depression and afterward.  They were common foods in the Ozark Hills of Missouri.  You don't much see anyone eating them in the big cities unless they are real Country Folk.

Grandpa especially liked to sit and chew and gnaw on chicken neck bones, pig's knuckles, chicken feet.  Her mom liked clabber milk and squeaky cheese.  Whenever they would butcher a hog, which was a very big deal, the whole neighborhood would come and help, and helpers got a part of the results.  One old bachelor from Germany who was dirt poor would come and work hard and in reward he would take the pig's blood, and go home and make blood sausage.  Nothing from the pig was wasted. 

Back then, you didn't waste food just because it might have been dropped on the ground, or had a little mold on it, etc. or worm holes.  When they briefly went to California looking for work and lived in a garage, my grandmother would take my young mom and they'd go in the alleys behind restaurants in Los Angeles and search the trash cans.  They'd find bread or cheese with a little mold on it, they just cut off the mold and it was fine.  If the vegetables were wilted or had spots, or were just tops and peels etc. they'd make soup out of it.  Nothing was wasted.  If you found an apple, cut the worm out of it.  Today's kids would yell EEEEWW and throw it away disgusted.  My mom would cringe at that.

My mom had to live by herself and run the house for a year during the depression when she was 14.  She had to tend the garden everyday after school to be sure she had food to eat.  She had to can food, trade with neighbors, be super careful spending the few dollars her Dad might send home from the road.  No one gave her anything, they couldn't afford to.  I don't think most the people alive today have any idea what it's really like during a bad Depression.  They keep talking like we're in one or close to one.  Hah.  Well, first thing they better do is start allowing chicken keeping in the suburbs, maybe if you have an acre allow a cow and pig too.  And people will learn real quick how to eat scraps and poor people food and things they'd rather die than eat now.

The foods in the picture album above are just some of the things off the top of my head, I'm sure I missed alot.  I'll try to add to it over time.  You can look up any of those things on the net and how to cook them, buy them, etc.

In case you didn't click on the Photo Album, here is a partial list of the foods: Cow Brains, Cow Tongue, Blood Sausage, Pork Cracklins, Pig's Feet, Pig's Knuckles, Chicken Feet, Pig's Ear, Cow's Intestines (Tripe), Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Livers, Ox Tails, Squeaky Cheese, Clabber Milk

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