Friday, December 30, 2011

The Words to Star Trek Theme + Beyond Antares

Star Trek Theme On Theremin! 
Star Trek Theme PLUS LYRICS!
Cecily on piano, Laura on vocals. :)

These lyrics to the classic sixties Star Trek TV Show
were published in the 1st novelization of the scripts by James Blish 
and in the book World of Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry.
In DC Comics the lyrics were sung by the character Uhura,
who also sang a song Beyond Antares in the series.
The Star Trek Theme was composed by Alexander Courage.
Later, Gene Roddenberry wrote the lyrics.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Beyond, the rim of the starlight

My love, is wandering in starflight

I know, he'll find in star clustered reaches...

Love, strange love a star woman teaches...

I know, his journey ends never

His Star Trek... will go on forever...

But tell him, while he wanders his starry sea

Remember.... Remember me

Beyond Antares as sung by Uhura / Nichelle Nichols
in Conscience of the King
Song Wilbur Hatch, Lyrics Gene Coon

The skies are green and glowing
Where my heart is
Where the scented lunar flower is blooming
Somewhere, beyond the stars
Beyond Antares

I'll be back, though it takes forever
Forever is just a day.
Forever is just another journey
Tomorrow a stop along the way

And let the years go fading
Where my heart is
2x love eternally is waiting
Somewhere, beyond the stars
Beyond Antares

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