Thursday, December 29, 2011

Discorporate Actors Gone Not Forgotten

Actors who've discorporated.  (Left their Bodies) Sure enjoy their work.  Not a complete list, just a few from some of my favorite shows, etc.

The Munsters: Yvonne DiCarlo - Lily, Al Lewis - Granpa, Fred Gwynne - Herman.
Addams Family: Carolyn Jones - Morticia, Jackie Coogan - Uncle Fester, Blossom Rock - Grandmama, Ted Cassidy - Lurch & Thing
Star Trek: DeForrest Kelley - Dr. McCoy, James Doohan - Scotty, Nurse Chapel/Lwaxanna Troi/Computer Voice of Enterprise - Majel Roddenberry, Great Bird of the Galaxy - Gene Roddenberry, John Colicos, William Campbell, Merritt Butrick
Are You Being Served?  Mrs . Slocumbe - Mollie Sugden, Ms. Brahms - Wendy Richards, Mr. Humphries - John Inman, Mr. Grainger - Arthur Brough, Mr. Harman - Arthur English, Young Mr. Grace - Harold Bennett. Young Mr. Lucas - Trevor Bannister.
Keeping Up Appearances: Rose #2 - Mary Millar, Daddy - George Webb
As Time Goes By: Joan Sims - Madge Hardcastle, Frank Middlemass - Rocky Hardcastle, Moyra Fraser - Aunt Penny
Golden Girls: Dorothy - Bea Arthur, Blanche -  Rue McClanahan, Sophia - Estelle Getty
Beverly Hillbillies: Jed Clampett - Buddy Ebsen, Granny - Irene Hays, Pearl Bodine - Bea Benaderet, Milburn Drysdale - Raymond Bailey, Miss Jane Hathaway - Nancy Kulp,

Green Acres: Eddie Albert - Oliver Wendall Douglas, Eva Gabor - Lisa Douglas, Pat Buttram - Mr. Haney

Petticoat Junction: Kate - Bea Benaderet, Uncle Joe - Edgar Buchanan
Hogans Heroes: Hogan - Bob Crane, Werner Kemperer - Col. Klink, John Banner - Sergeant Schultz, Sergeant Carter - Larry Hovis, Sergeant Kinch - Ivan Dixon
Young Frankenstein: Elizabeth - Madeline Kahn,  Peter Boyle -Monster, Igor - Marty Feldman, Inspector Kemp - Kenneth Mars 
Dallas:  Miss Ellie - Barbara Bel Geddes,  Jock Ewing - Jim Davis,
Falconcrest:  Jane Wyman - Angela Channing
Laugh In:  Alan Sues, Henry Gibson, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Larry Hovis, Teresa Graves, Flip Wilson, Tiny Tim
Miscellaneous: Mr. French - Sebastian Cabot, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon,

I remember you, you live in my heart. Thank You for all the pleasure you give.

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