Friday, December 30, 2011

Girls Generation - South Korean KPOP Super Group!

"The Boys" was just performed on David Letterman show
on 1/31/2012 - GG did Great! 
Korean Pop - Number One Girls Group South Korea
Girls Generation - HOOT! 17 million views.

This is a song from GG third album Hoot, a mini-Spy movie plot.  I'm showing it to you to illustrate the tremendously high production values in K-POP music videos, the sets, the costume changes, the detail, the choreography, right down to coordinated facial expressions and complimentary gestures.  As much care is put into the overall composition as in Flower Arranging.  If Samurai were still around today, making KPOP and JPOP videos would probably be one of their "arts".

I found this song irresistable, the rhythm and melody and chorus get stuck in your head.  Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, shoo shoo shoo!  :)  VROUK APPROVED.  The great James Bond type mini plot makes it GROOVY.

Here are some more mega hits, running from 33 to 59 million hits on you tube:
Mr. Taxi Dance Version

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