Monday, September 26, 2011

WHAK A MOLE Keyboard SOKR BOPR Pointer

Idea for Invention!  How about a Whak a Mole keyboard and Sokr Bopr pointing device?

Hunh? Hunh?  BRILLO!
Here's how it works:  You have a large keyboard in front of your huge monitor, with rounded key half domes that rise up when you start the machine.  You type by standing in front of the monitor and "keyboard" and hold two soft mallets, with enough heft to smak the "keys" and make them retract.  So typing becomes fun exercise hammering out your words with the two mallets.  Now we need to be able to move the mouse around.  Easy!  Place pressure sensor strips on all four edges of monitor and bolt it down quite securely.  On the other end of the whakking mallets are soft air filled Sokr Boprs.  You use those ends to "whap" the edge of the screen.  The pointer moves away from the side you're whapping on, the amount depends on how much you whap it.  So by a frenzy of nunchaku style whapping on the monitor edge, you can drive the mouse anywhere it's needed.  Keys on the keyboards will represent the right click, left click, etc.

Now interfacing with your computer can be great exercise too!  Cheaper versions could use roll out pressure pad keyboards and perhaps pressure sensitive gloves to smak with for mouse movement.

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