Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have a question.
How much money do the people of the USA spend on the electricity to run all the holiday lights strung up inside and outside their homes?  This includes Christmas, New Years, Halloween, etc. and includes inflatable yard decorations energy cost, and animated displays.  I'm sure a math or physics or electronics whiz could answer this.

How much do individual USA people and families spend on fireworks each year?

How much is spent by USA pet owners on luxury pet goods as opposed to perfectly adequate supplies instead?
For instance, gourmet pet food or treats instead of plain pet food or treats.  Pet costumes, pet jewelry, extra pet grooming such as dying dogs hair wild colors and patterns.  What is the difference in cost between what they actually spend, and what they really need to spend to keep pets healthy and happy but no luxuries?

How much do USA people spend on roses for various holidays?  I'm referring to florist style cut flowers?

How much is spent by USA on special holiday chocolates or other gift candy such as Halloween, Easter etc.?

Now, if we could see the totals of all that "luxury" spending, money that is spent by people who have a surplus of money, more than they need to live comfortably, it would be shocking.  Each of these things consists of BILLIONS in spending.  Yes, holiday lights enrich the spirit.  Yes fireworks are entertaining.  Yes, pet owners want to lavish their pets with only the best available, even though the pet would be just as happy with more plain supplies.  Yes flowers are a delightful luxury item of beauty, a sign of extravagance supposed to prove greater emotional intensity.

HERE IS MY MAIN QUESTION:  What if the people of the USA were to figure out this spending, and for the coming year, spend only HALF as much on luxury items as above, and take the OTHER HALF and use it to feed all the needy starving underfed children we have in the USA?  I believe tens of BILLIONS of dollars would be made available to erase hunger among USA children and seniors and homeless?

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