Sunday, September 25, 2011

Denki Groove (Electric Groove)

Denki Groove - FLASHBACK DISCO Video

This is the Japanese duo called Electric Groove (Denki Groove). New HD Upload!
Play this video LOUD and FULL SCREEN at highest res offered.  NSFW.
This song is from 2000, called Flashback Disco.  It's a satirical celebration of all things DISCO in Japanese culture, old video games like Invaders and Frogger, "Furries" costumes worn by club kids, (The Steer is Pierre Taki, and the Sabre Tooth w/moose antlers is Takkyu Ishino the DJ), not sure of the significance of checking the turkey in the oven over and over.  The hula doll with robot head coming to life like a hologram, glittering disco ball, singing flowers, launching of the rocket, everything combines in a totally fun swirl of flashback!  Oh Baby, Oh Baby Baby, Flashback, Flashback, Flashback to Me!  Some people think it's supposed to represent a mind trip too.  I just love it for the complete creativity and zaniness, and the tune is great.

the opening flashng blue title screen says:
Denki Groove written by Takkyu Ishino Pierre Taki
then some japanese characters

At 7 seconds, when Ishino the Furry Sabretooth with moose horns DJ slides a 12inch vinyl out of a sleeve and it says DENKI on it and has the same japanese writing as the title screen so must say Flashback Disco.

At 2:22 there is a flash of a japanese man without costume on for a second saying "Flashback" to the camera. black pants white shirt.  later in video is flash of young man in diaper for a second.  The first is Pierre, the second is Takkyu, without the costumes.

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