Friday, September 30, 2011


Prizes like this used to come in Crackerjacks

Why the hell did Crackerjacks stop coming with a real toy?  I WANT TO KNOW!  I've put up with alot of cheap ass shit from companies in my life, cutting corners to increase their profits, but it was a low blow when Cracker Jack went from putting real toys inside, things you snapped together out of plastic, peanut whistles, little comic books, rings, all sorts of stuff, then you were lucky if you got a stupid tattoo!  This happened in the SIXTIES, at the height of their popularity.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?!  I want a Congressional Inquiry into this.  Put that little sailor on the stand, and his dog too!

Coca Cola switched from real sugar to high fructose corn syrup - using the Classic to New Coke to cover up the fact. They made New Coke taste even more horrible, so that when you went back to Classic they left in the corn syrup and you didn't reject it.  Rope a Dope.  Now, urban legend has it, the only way to get Coke with real sugar is to watch for batches with yellow bottle caps, these are supposedly extra Kosher with real sugar.  ??  Corn syrup sodas taste like swill.  Just buy some small batch manufacturer sodas like Stewart's etc. that still use real sugar and taste.

KETCHUP.  Until a few months ago, all ketchup in our grocery stores had switched to using corn syrup instead of sugar years ago.  Recently Hunts introduced ketchup with sugar back onto the market, no corn syrup.  I hated corn syrup ketchup, so I jumped on this return to sugar and it tastes exactly like ketchup used to!  AWESOME!  I tried to call their consumer hot line, but they had no method to pass on compliments on their products, could not handle one. ?

COOKIES. I'm sure you have noticed over time that everything in the cookie and candy aisle that used to have sugar has been switched over to corn syrup, AND hydrogenation, where they pump the oils full of hydrogen gas to keep them from spoiling as fast.  Twinkies with corn syrup do NOT taste like Twinkies with real sugar.  Candy bar chocolate coatings, fig newton cookie shell, the filling in a chocolate fruit pie, none of it tastes the same anymore.  It's all crap!

RESTAURANT CHAINS that Start Out with DELICIOUS FOOD both in recipe and serving size, then they CHEAP OUT on the ingredients and cut the sizes after you become hooked.  You've seen this over and over haven't you?  You get used to a place, rave about it to all your friends, and just then they cheap it out and you no longer like it altho you may continue to eat there hoping they will put it back the way it was, they never do.   Mostly fast foods and big chains do this, but trendy spots do it too.

DON'T BE FOOLED!  It is NOT your taste buds getting old!  IT is NOT You!  The products HAVE CHANGED for the worse.  I think the only way we might get change is to document what they have done, we are not stupid cattle they can fool, and then protest loud and clear until the practice either stops or is harder to get away with.  They are already downsizing containers of all types at the grocery store, smaller cans, smaller jugs of bottled water - feel underneath, they are putting big valleys in the bottle bottoms to remove product volume.  Check out the Ozarka Water 3 liter bottle.  It looks like a gallon, but underneath is a giant missing area that equals a liter.

Candy is getting smaller, less cookies per package, yes the "white bread" is cruder and rougher with bigger bubbles in it.  They are "whipping" as many products as they can.  Protein amounts getting less and less.  More and more MSG.  Did you know that "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" is just another term for MSG, mono sodium glutamate.  Papain is another term for similar chemical.  Do you know what "mechanically separated chicken" is?  How it's obtained?  You should, it's in all your chicken nuggets.

I would like to hear what other people have noticed about how they have ruined or reduced the food in our stores and restaurants.  It is NOT our imagination.  NOTHING tastes like it did when we were kids, it WAS better back then.  Poor kids growing up today have NO IDEA how good food can taste or drinks can taste.  Argh!

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