Sunday, September 25, 2011

United States of the Americas - Why Not?

Question?: Why can't North America, Central America and South America for that matter, join together into one governmental and economic unit - sovereign union or commonwealth?

Canada is organized into states with state capitals and overall government organization and bureaucracy that unites them, with democratic form. Same for U.S.A. Same for Mexico. Many of the Central America countries are the size and population of these North American states. The South American countries, at least the large ones, are also divided up into regions/states with representative democracies. There are a few countries that are not democracies, and there is the problem of how do you accomodate the very tiny sovereigns compared to the very large. Perhaps a state in Mexico has 20 million population, whereas a whole country like Tobago has population of 54,000. How can they both have valid representation?

We could have one highway system, unified and standardized. One citizenship, no more illegal alien problems except from outside the America's. No border to guard, just coastline. Simplify security. One system of airports and airport security. The extra security that would come from increased mix of natural resources each area would gain that they did not have before. Only have to maintain one set of military services, standardize fleets, planes, tanks, weapons etc. One set of law enforcement standards and practices and databases. One overarching court system. One legislature. One executive branch. Might be one President, might be multiple?

It would make the strongest powerhouse of economic and physical might the world has ever seen. Increases genetic diversity. Overall health would improve as food standards, sanitation, drinking water, pollution cleanup, disease control, all could be shared and offer more to more people. Allow the population to move freely within the commonwealth, no passport necessary unless leaving the Americas. Create a super high speed train from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego.

Either accept all languages such as French, English, Spanish, Portugese or pick one or two and focus on them and teach all children both. In two generations everyone will be bilingual who needs to be. Allows for larger geo territory to absorb refugees in case of geo catastrophe. Would generate a boom in home ownership. All empty USA properties would fill up and many USA people would settle elsewhere within Commonwealth for economic or health reasons. More travel and vacation dollars would be kept within the commonwealth.

Our languages are from the same Romance language root. We share religions. We share many common political concepts and practices. Our cultures are blended. Our socio-economic infrastructures are already blended.  Why not take the next logical step and put together a unified entitiy that could lead the world for the next 200 years?

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