Monday, September 26, 2011

FRESCA VINYL Show - L.A. Public Access TV

 Here's a Trippy Clip from the Fresca Vinyl Show
Public Access cable tv in Los Angeles
Apparently, the name of this show comes from the toy Doll passed around between guests and host, I think it is named Fresca Vinyl, thus the show.  I'm intrigued and going to watch more clips of the show.  I loved the free spirit and wackiness of the dance above, so I found the full clip of the show it was taken from:  Ooops!  Apparently the TV Show did not like me linking to their video because they took it private.  They left the tiny clip above. Well La Dee Da Miss Thing!  Also, apparently the Pet Shop Boys forced removal of their music video I had linked below that was used as background.  Things are disappearing off youtube left and right!  Sorry, I have no control over that.  I could not find any other copies of that music video, not even "official" so I guess it's lost to the world or you have to buy it on DVD or whatever? ??  Why make the video? If you are from the Fresca Vinyl show and dont want me talking about your show or linking to your youtube videos, just drop me a note and I'll delete this posting altogether. ??? 

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