Thursday, January 12, 2012

Live Radio Around the World on the Web

To successfully listen to "streams" "live" over the internet, you must have a range of "listening" programs installed and always "up to date".  Some Common Players:  RealPlayer (the free version is OK), Windows Media Player, Quicktime (plain), WinAmp.
If the "station" won't play on one, try another.

STILL WON'T PLAY: there will be stations that won't "play". A problem at the broadcasters "server", a problem matching "signal" with receiving program or version, or a channel you successfully get quits working.  Either the sender turned on "security" to limit signal to "members", or they changed "versions" or signal type, or their "server" is simply broken, or they are "off the air", or your receiving program has changed in some way, or the internet pipe between is different at the moment.

This is why you should be flexible and just choose something else.
If it's super important, reinstall and update your receiving programs, test them with other broadcasters, and finally contact the broadcaster.

TIMING: In some cases like local Japanese stations, you'll discover they
only broadcast four hours a day, and are closed when you are awake.  

CHURCHES and similar organizations: Even though they all claim to be "live" on the web, they are run mostly by volunteers without a clue what they are doing. Good Luck!  
I've found that 80 percent have nothing working, 10 percent have recorded old programs even though they label them "live", five percent always seem to offer some kind of signal they say is live, but it never works right, and the final five percent play live and on time.

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