Monday, January 2, 2012

Disco Trekkin with Grace Lee Whitney!

Grace Lee sings Disco Trekkin!!!

This is a subclip of a mix put on utube by TSOP,
I do not own any of it, I'm using it for criticism only fair use.
GLW, Yeoman Rand of Trek TOS, made this song in the late seventies.
She brought a copy to Star Trekon 1980 in KCMO
and KC Stangel DJ played it at the dance.
I remember her saying "we're going to redo it with a hotter band."
Grace Lee was one of the most stunningly hot and beautiful women in the world as she roller skated around the 
plaza in a slinky hot pant outfit that weekend.
See what you think of her foray into the world of Disco!

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