Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BLACK M00N STUDIOS - Videography WOW!

Self Described "Fat, Bald Videographer" living in the U.K.!
and proprietor of Black Moon Studios
the Video Artist behind this channel has uploaded 30 Videos to YouTube so far.
While I've viewed others such as his 13 Planets of our Solar System,
and they are good, the ones I want to tout highly are his
"What Spock Sees in his Scanner" Series.

If you are a dyed in the wool Trekker of the First Order
who is steeped in the lore and minutiae of the Original Series
you will be mesmerized by the highly detailed and nuanced humor
exhibited in this series of ST:TOS Video Vignettes.
I don't want to spoil the surprise, let's just say they
are completely different from any Trek Humor you
have ever seen before!  It's well worth every second and minute
you will spend watching them, trust me.
Not for the casual fan, but a motherlode for the True Trekker.
I cannot say enough good things about them.  
What's in Spock's Scanner Part I
What's in Spock's Scanner Part II
What's In Spocks Scanner Part III - Final
I wish I wish I wish I could peruse "SpaceBook"
the hilarious invention of this guy, 
as it appears in this series.  Please Please
Mr. Black Moon Studios, publish SpaceBook
for real up on the Net for us to enjoy.

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